Tuesday, May 1, 2012

{About our Playschool}

{About our Playschool}
Our Mission~
To provide a caring environment for nourishing childrens' senses through imaginative work and play, seasonal celebrations and crafts. We aspire to have seasonal and daily rhythms create a sense of peace, predictability and tranquility for the children, while learning from nature. Children learn to care for themselves and their environment through daily activities and a group dynamic that resembles how a family works together. Our small program allows us to know and care for each child.
Our space~
Our space is a magical spot with ample wooded and field space, perennial garden beds, vegetable garden and chicken coop. We have a great small Cedarworks play structure and picnic benches for snacking and working outside. We have apple trees, plenty of rock walls for climbing and a small trickling stream for tromping though in the spring!
Festivals & Celebrations~
We celebrate seasonal festivals and make seasonal crafts that we use for our celebrations. We invite parents to join in some of the festival celebrations like Soltice Spiral and Lantern Walk. We also join with Ashwood for special days like the May Faire, as well as celebrate in our own way at school. We celebrate each child's birthday (or half birthday if they are a summer baby) and invite parents and siblings to join us in those celebrations.
We make crafts according to season and daily activities as well. Recently, we have planted wheatgrass, felted eggs, made beeswax snails with real shells and we have done some hand sewing. We are artists and avid crafters and it is a delight to weave these projects into our natural daily rhythm.  Each child has their own craft basket labeled with their symbol, and has an ongoing project that they can work on at their own pace throughout the year.
Natural Toys~
Our toys are made from all-natural products such as wood, wool, beeswax and silk. We incorporate as much of the natural world as possible to bring warmth to the children's play. Many of our toys are made in Maine by local crafters.


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