Tuesday, May 1, 2012

{Activity & Menu}

{Activity and Menu}
Activity by day of the week~
Tuesday: Painting day
There is a time to wash our painting boards with sponges, smooth the water color paper and get to work with our paints.
Wednesday: Soup day
We wash and scrub our vegetables, many have been brought from home to share with all. The children use their crinkle cutters to chip chop and add to the soup pot. It is so fun seeing our crinkle cut carrots and potatoes later in the day in our soup and guessing who chopped which one!
Thursday: Bread Day
Each child gets a sprinkle of flour and a ball of dough and when they are finished the get to work on another. We knead the dough, each child has his her own bun and can shape in any way they like. Snails and babies are favorite shapes in our class this year!
Menu by day of the week~
Tuesday: Rice with Beans and golden coins (carrots with butter and honey),Apples and toasted almonds,Tea
Wednesday: Vegetable soup with lentils or barley,Apples and raisins,Tea

Thursday:     Homemade Bread with butter,Hard boiled eggs (from our very own hens!),Apples and Cheese,Tea
All the food that we eat at our School will be organic and whole foods, homemade where possible and fresh!
We encourage the bringing of vegetables from home (grown or store bought)to share and we will have a sign up sheet for children by the week.

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