Tuesday, May 1, 2012

{Our Rhythm}

~Our Morning Garden~
*Summer Session*
Monday, Tuesday Wednesday,8:30 -12:30 with extended day 12:30-3:45 2 day option available
{Our rhythm}
8-15-8:30 ~
Arrival and goodbyes to parents.
8:30 ~
We gather at the table for a light breakfast. It is more casual than lunch but we do have a candle. We will learn to pour water and teas. We will eat organic snacks such as porridge, apples and cheese, almond butter and almonds, cream with maple syrup. Gathering at the beginning of our day is a great way to gently go into our classroom time. The children clear their places and one child will help with clean up.
9:00 ~
Freeplay: The children are free to play in the room with wooden toys, silks, play stands, simple dolls and dress up. We clean up together with a song.
9:45 ~
We all gather at the table for the day's activity. Each child has his or her own apron just their size! We use this time generally to prepare lunch, and in the case of "painting day" I will prepare lunch while the children are hard at work with brushes in hand!
Circle time, we dance and sing songs of the season as well as play some simple games with nursery rhymes. At the end of circle time there is a little rest time for sheepskins and buckwheat pillows. Rest that last about the length of our favorite lullaby. This is a great quiet down time for the children and helps nourish them throughout the rest of our day together.
Outside time, we play together, tend the garden and check the bird feeders. We will check on our chickens and do any work needed to feed or water them during this time. We have a small play structure and will work on our sandbox this Spring. We clean up all together and the children haul toys in wagons to pick up. We all work together at this time to prepare to go inside for lunch.
Lunch, We light our candle and sing our blessing on our meal. One of the children will get to snuff the candle. After lunch we put our things away and go outside to await parents arrival.
We sing our goodbye song joined by parents and siblings.

The children who are staying on for the afternoon will spend a bit more time outside before returning to the classroom for a rest. We rest on mats with a pillow a blanket from home. Usually all the children end up sleeping and I rock those who need it and tend to each child as called for. We sometimes read a story or I tell a seasonal story as they drift off to sleep.
We wake gently and begin to put or rest things away. Freeplay until the parents arrive between 3 and 3:45 for pickup.

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